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How to write nonsense article or posts and still rank high in Google Search engine

How to write Garbage article that rank high or occupy first place in Google Search engine.

How to write Garbage article that rank high or occupy first place in Google Search engine.

How to write Garbage article that rank high or occupy first place in Google

When I started blogging, I spent much time reading articles regularly SEO yoast I decorate my useful time and energy first to study more about SEO, the secret behind google first page rank and so on. If you are blogger the word TRAFFIC always rings in your mind.

Are you addicted online, reading articles being written by bloggers or being copied from bloggers. I hate reading copy and paste post of exact from different blogs. Have you heard about seo this and seo that. What do you hate about articles you read online? I have wasted my time reading an article about 3,000 words only ended up without picking any meaningful word from the article. Sometimes SEO got us confuse by saying that you have to write everything in one post in other to end up showing in google is a fact lie. You do not need 20,000 words of a post.

I once stumble on how to make $10,000 daily on facebook. I didn't read the article because of the attractive head line or title. I didn't read this article to learn how to make the said cash but to see the style of the writers message.

The title of this said post is like some book cover, well decorated but little meaning inside the book. When you said how to make $10,000 daily on facebook, the reader will be expecting steps and how to make the said money.

A reader will be expecting you to show steps on how you achieve the said goal. But guess what throughput 2,000 words of writing, this dude was jumping from one idea and the other that has no relationship with the caption of the article. When I finally became confused was when I saw how to sell herbal medicine on the article.

I wrote a brief article in other to appear on front page I wrote an article (a solution to something) that was only <300 that ranked first on Google for more than two years now.

You may be wondering and surprise to hear this but this is true. Am sounding like those marketers, freelancers, Africa Politicians always promising you fat and fat profit. They never wanted you to know the other side of failure. As a blogger I learnt that without advert you won't make a dime. That you prepared to failed if you are not going to advertise or pay any money for advert. But this is not true because I didn't advertise until I recent my first adsence threshold money.

Most of the people that write on how you can enhance your post or design your blog have one thing in common. Go through their articles is either they want you to subscribe by force, buy/order for ebook and you pay for one packaged or another.

You can hear them say leave AdSense there are other ways to make money online buy this e book!! This is how they make their money by selling or writing for the lazy ones. They are like opera company that will approve your blog to be shown by their news feed. They will never show your post unless your among the team copycant, edit, twist, news and paste.

So how can you nonsense over 3000 words article can rank high in google search engine?

After spending weeks of research online, I got the following answers

1. The post most be 1000 words or above -- lie

2. The post must be promoted or advertised--- lie

3. You have to organize your article to confirm with SEO standard---lie

4. You have to build your e-mail list ---lie

5. You may have a top domain ---lie

6. Your article must be 3 days old ---lie

7. Your blog structure will be sync with google account----- another lie

Looking up at points above, is just like somebody writing on how to get google AdSense approve on a blog with out getting his own approval. Most of where I find this type of articles and post is on second or third page of google. I read for reading sake and keeping my self busy with brain development. I read their articles to find fault and see their method of writing. I don't believe their ideals just as I said earlier I have one particular post that have been on google frnt page since 3 years I have other posts that are around 200 to 300 words but refuse to leave google first page. What am writing here is not promotion campaigns of my website or post but to open your eyes on what you should believe on the ingredients needed for your post or article s to rank on google first page.

I do some research before posting an article. I got some critics when I posted the secrets behind Nigeria network data bonus so smart guys did research and agreed with me. I know that many will also critics this article but the most plain thing in life is nothing but truth. The worst will still come as am going to publish the secret behind whose website blog is being featured in opera newsfeed data base?
If you are interested in learning the truth about technology manipulation this is the right website. I like the article marketers, I like those that help you understand the ways you should organise your blog post.

Whait a minute they donot have ads on their website, are they running charity organization, how do they make some change? The worst guys are those traffic seekers that only tell you how to make millions online. If they know they know that why are they writing posts and wasting their time.

At this time I hope the article is still interesting that is how marketers convince you on buying their products. The google is already saturated with articles and posts.  So your niche is the key that can catapult your post to google first page! Am not discouraging you from writing 10,000 words of a post but how relevant are the words? Read about 3,000 words of a post and the meaning is only on two sentences of about 9 words, so why did this writer wasted about 10 plain answer sheets? Why are you wasting words on one post whereby other article s are untouched and untaped.

In order for me not to waste words on this particular Post am leaving you with this little words to be continued in part 2.

Thanks for reading,

Comment if you can or critics??!!!


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