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How to Byapss FRP, Google reset and Hard reset on Samsung Galaxy S8

How to Byapss FRP, Google reset and Hard reset on Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 S8+ Android FRP,google account reset and PIN removal

Note FRP or Google account reset remove and reset your Android phone. It is assumed that phone belong to you where you cannot remember your email address. The tutorials we provide is used for personal purpose and not for any fraud. ZAMDTEK is not responsible for any misuse of this solution.

We are doing our best to to help you when you are needs needs.

Requirements Samsung Galaxy S8 FRP Google account reset

Download Samsung Android drivers

=> phone that request google account

=> Charge your Samsung android battery around 80%

=> Download Android FRP. Unlock
=> Ensure your computer is in good shape

=> Get your USB cable as work begins

=> Wi-Fi or Hotspot needed.

There are two methods used for Samsung Android S8 FRP google account reset

First method:  the use of code and FRP bypass helper.

Download Samsung FRP Helper here

A) Press the screen until you reach google account (home)

B) Tap the settings icon on keyboard until another setting icon pop up

C) Select the new pop up setting icon

D) You will enter options then select about Samsung keyboard

E) Tap update

F) Click agree box and press start

G) Press Search button at upper left

H) Type calculator

J) Choose open Calculator and Type

        (+ 30012012732+

K) This will take you to DRParser Mode

I) At DRParser Mode you type

*#080# see picture above

M) select DM+ADB and restarts the Samsung phone (Android)

Go to Samsung FRP helper (downloaded earlier) location and extract ensure you have install all the required drivers.

Open the software and connect your Samsung android phone wait until the software detects the phone click scan on the right hand side of the software.

Click ADB method on Remove FRP done

If your software shows NO DEVICE FOUND, then click Remove FRP 6 to 10 times. Then you device will be found and system process the command then removes the FRP.

Second method: requires you to download the 4 file (4 files combination)
1 Go to or and download the 4 file combination. Sam mobile is Preferable.

2 Save the file on where you can easily remember.

3 Download Odin 13.1 or latest Odin soFf ware. Extract or install the Odin.

4. Download Android FRP Unlocked

5. Download and install Samsung Android drivers.

Also download a single Samsung Android firmware according to your phone

Extract the 4 file combinations to a folder you will remember.

Open Odin to detect phone select the extracted Samsung Files accordingly.

Press start after some minutes, when Odin shows green\pass, you are done flashing.

Restart your Samsung Android phone

Search and download, Extract and open android FRP unlocker.

Connect your phone back to PC when the software Android FRP unlock then click Unlocker.

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