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How to fix Samsung Galalxy S6 Camera problem

You like android smartphones. Some of them are easy to use why others are complex. No matter the amount you buy a phone or how careful you are with a phone, it must develop one fault or the other.

This is where zamdtek comes in, to guide you on the right way to use your smartphone also to help you on the first thing to do when you notice some technical issues. When NASA mission hard a mishap, one of the NASA directors said in interview that Machine fails. A phone is ike a machine it fails.

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The most common problem of any phone is water or liquid damage. Liquid is enemy of phone unless is a water resistant phone. So what are ‎you going to do when you noticed liquid on your phone? Try these:-

Remove the battery, if the battery is detachable

Take the phone to nearest technician to dry the phone panel.

Don't heat by yourself because you are just heating the phone plastic part.

If the liquid touch the screen or lcd, you have to replace it.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera problem. 

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This happens when you can't hear the caller unless you activate loud speaker mode

What you need to fix this problem

A set of screw driver

An iSclack if is iPhone.

A rework station, in case it involves replacement of components

A dry environ, and a drier solution.

Ø Get you soldering iron.

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Ø Get your soldering lead.

Ø Loose or disassemble the phone.

Ø Remove or detach the battery.

Ø Check for water damage and clean up the panel.

Ø Replace or put the battery and try power the phone.

Ø If you problem is not solved.

Ø Switch on your Rework Station and remove/change this component or make jumper.

As shown in the picture below

How to fix Samsung Galalxy S6 Camera problem

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