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Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017), Samsung Galaxy J3 6 (2018) and Samsung Galaxy J320 hard reset and Google account bypass

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017), Samsung Galaxy J3 6 (2018) and Samsung Galaxy J320 hard reset and Google account bypass
Samsung J3 frp bypass

Samsung J320 FRP Bypass that is google account reset without PC

Zamdtek is not responsible for any damage done to your Samsung J320 on the process of this operation. All the solutions posted in this site has been tested on our workshop. We advise you to follow the instructions and do no short cut. This is for tech-guy and not a method of hacking or any other thing.

 Watch the Vidoe Here

1.   Charge your Samsung Galaxy J320 battery about 80%.
2.   Power off Samsung Galaxy J320 android smart phone
3.   Leave the phone for about 5 minutes
4.   Press and hold Volume Up with Power button simultaneously

5.   If your enter fastboot mode
6.   Use your Volume Up to select factory reset
7.   Use Volume Up also to choose yes reset all
8.   Allow the android to perform the factory finish
9.   When it returns to reboot, select it and allow it for some time to boot.
10. If the setup enter google account or frp bypass, then follow the guide below to bypass frp or reset google account on Samsung J3 6 J320.

There are two variant of Samsung J320 2017 & 2018 so we have two solutions here but almost same thing.

Step 1. Connect your Samsung J320 to Hotspot or WIFI

Step 2. Tap the Home button 3 times to activate talkback

Step 3 Continue clicking until you return to Google account screen

Step 5 Draw Capital L letter on screen to activate TalkBack Settings

Step 6. Press on Privacy Policy to enter google search bar

Step 7. Use internet as default Browser.

Step 8. Draw another Capital L letter on screen to Pause feedback

Step 9 Deactivate or Pause TalkBack

Step 10. Type; on search bar

Step 10 Download these 3 files:- frp bypass, account manger 5.5 and account manager 6.0

Step 11. After downloading Press Bookmark

Step 12 Tap History

Step 13 Tap Download history.

Step 14 Tap to install the 3 apps

Step 15 Activate the Unknown sources

Step 16 Install all the 3 apps and open, tap on 3 dot upper left and press Browser signin. Type in your existing Gmail account  or create new account.

Restarts your Samsung J320 (2017) (2018) and setup your phone.

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