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Propellers ads an alternative ads to Google Adsense

Propellers ads alternative to Google Adsense.
Propellers ads an alternative ads to Google Adsense
Propeller ads

Are you a newbie or pro in blogging sphere. This is good for you. ‎Have you tried Google Adsense approval for many weeks if not years? Are you in edge of giving up blogging, have you tried other method of getting traffic. Don't quit, because is only looser that quit. I passed through many ups and downs before getting Google Adsense approved.

Let me tell you the secret of blogging or being online Pro does actually lie on you getting your blogg approved by Google Adsense. Lets look at this advert platform as a secondary aspect or blogging or owning a website. Website or blog is all about traffic
, once your traffic explodes the money you earn from direct advert in a day is higher than what you get from Google Adsense in a month.

As a blog, and the introduction of adsense- which means that as a publisher, you will be paid for your content. But how di you get google adsense approval. ‎I tried for like a year before my adsense got approved. Before I got approval I had a highly paid alternative. Which is Propeller ads. Although their ads show like game native ads but you can select your choice. Why I like and recommend this particular ads us because

1. It has a high CPC.

2. It is suitable and adaptable to blog.

3 it generates hight revenue.

4 You can run this with Google Adsense when you get Google Adsense approval

5. It is easy to get approval.

6. They help you or response to you quickly.

7. It comes with multi selection advert packages.

Propeller ads help bloggers you can sign up here.

Getting this or that ads is not the last solution but getting traffic is the beginning of your journey. If you have 100k views per a day, the ads is not your problem but reaching people that can advertize direct on your blog. Well the 100k daily cannot come by magic rather be prepared to spend sleepless night on enough money making your blogger popular. Remember Computer slogan GG ie Garbage in Garbage out. 

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