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How to enable virtual or SoftKey on all android phones with bad Option,Menu and Return keys.

Most of the time phone user are funny. Users try to apply short cut to avoid or prevents costs. We keep getting this complain why is my option, Menu, Return keys are not working. We except a touch pad that comes separate with those keys, once the touch pad or touch screen is bad, automatically those keys will not work. This didn't stop there, if there is a crack or hard press on touch screen near the option, Menu and return keys it can affect the keys.

How to enable virtual or SoftKey on all android phones with bad Option,Menu and Return keys.

When you are faced with this issue, what is the next thing to do? Android developers made it possible for you to get or download almost everything as android applications. In other  to solve this particular issue the first thing you do is:-

Step 1. Download and install SoftKey, launch  or open the app, look down to see three keys. If this doesn't  work, then

Step 2. Download and install Virtual  Keys, launch or  open the app, look down to find 3 keys.

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Step 3. If step 1 and step 2 failed then, your android phone requires rooting. Root the phone and check the application  by now it should work.
If you are using Samsung android phone then jump to Step 4.
Touch screen damage or crack
Note: Software can cause touch screen to stop working eg if you flash itel 1556 plus with wrong pac file, the touch will stop work until you reflash it with another flash file.

You may not notice a physical damage to the touch but the touch is not working. For instance Nokia Lumia can do this many at times. Just stop working without any trace of crack. Some touch can have physical damages but still work like Samsung S4.

So before you conclude that your android touch screen is not working. First of all flashing or upgrading the phone may fix it. Cleaning the touch clip or changing the clip also may fix it.

In case of Samsung some of the products only have screen and no touch

How to enable Softkey or Virtual key on Samsung S3

Step 4. Download and install explorer launch or open the application
navigate to /system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl

put a hash tag in front of the lines

key 139 menu
key 158 back

so they will look like

#key 139 menu
#key 158 back

save and reboot

navigate to system/build.prop

go to the bottom of the page ( document )

add this line



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