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How to fix Android phone Screen or LCD light problem

Android phone LCD light problem

Recently, in African market we have witnessed flooding of China Android smart phone. The most popular is Tecno Androids, Infinix androids, Gionee Androids, Itel Androids, leagoo, Fero Androids, etc

Each of the android phone comes with its own uniqueness. Some have battery of higher power, other have fragile lcd and touch while others have to many software bug. As expert we are always ahead of others in terms of providing solutions to these phones and also guiding you on which one to buy. 

  • Take apart the phone. 
  • Gently use soft tissue paper and wipe the surface. 
  • Clean the inner part of the lcd clip, 
  • Check the whether the screen are working. 
  • If not is time to grab your soldering iron, paste and lead. 
  • Follow the diagram above carefully. 

The diagram explain the details of how to fix the lcd problem. But care should be taken because the shorting other connectors. You should use tapper and connecting wires instead of soldering iron and lead. Fixing this kind of problem post another problem because is you mistaken erase the carbon coated keypad points then you cannot get it back.

This solutions may help you.

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