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How to use Nokia Software Recovery Tool (NSRT)

Now to use Nokia Software Recovery Tool (NSRT)

These days flashing phones has been made simply by emergency of several softwares. Unlike those days when you can not flash any phone without flashing box like UFS3 box, JAF box, Setool Box, Miracle box etc. Nokia phones as we know were mainly been flashed with Flashing boxes or upgraded with Nokia Software.

Now the production of Nokia MTK chip like Nokia Lumia, Nokia 108 and Nokia 225 brought the fully supported Nokia flashing software called Nokia Software Recovery Tool (NSRT).

Here our interest is to show you how to use NSRT. 

1. Get your computer that run on at least Window 7 or window 8.

3. Download and install Nokia 130 and Nokia Lumia drivers.

2. Download and install Microsoft framework.

3. Download and install Nokia Software Recovery Tool (NSRT) as the picture above

Nokia Software Recovery Tool (NSRT)

4. Connect your Nokia Lumia or Nokia infinon like Nokia 130 and follow the instructions to install all the required files.
5. Connect your modem or Hotspot WIFI so that you get access to internet.
6. Once your Nokia Lumia show the information like below picture is ready for flashing.

Nokia Software Recovery Tool (NSRT)

 7. Click on the Install software and make sure you have enough data to install the software.
8. Allow your phone to install the software finish and reboot your Nokia Lumia
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Nokia Software Recovery Tool (NSRT)

This is the way to use NRST.

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