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X-BO SONY Clone V6 Display fix 100% solution

X-BO V6, X-BO V8 clone Sony display problem after flashing.

X-BO V6, X-Bo V8 display  problem after flashing

Did you encounter any problem like the picture above after flashing?.
Were you able to solve this particular problem or you gave up?
We here don't give up so easily, we go extra mile and try our last chance.

We flash this particular phone X-BO V6 with X-BO boot with this ROM 
Normally this particular file works for all variant of X-Bo V6 expect the V6 that boot with HTC  logo which you can flash with 
XBO V6 MT6572 oppo htc logo firmware download.

Backup your X-BO V6, you can use the backup to restore the phone in case anything goes wrong!

After flashing the X-BO to white screen display.
We tried all the Display Fix ROM/file online but the screen remains the same. We try files like
1. sony.xbo.v6.MT6572.display.fix
2. X-Bo V7 display fix
3. SONY XBO-V6 LCD FIX FIRMWARE FREE SW-MT6572__V6__V6__xiaoxin__4.4.2__ALPS.KK1.MP7.V1.7 TESTED.
4. Sony V17 lcd fix firmware
5. X-BO V8+ display fix

After trying these series of files the Screen remains Blank but we can't just give up. There must be a way out. Most at times when you face a phone problem two things should come your mind a. Hardware and b. software.

We are almost done with software so what remains is Hardware.
So lets try hardware, is simply is like the LCD is having problem and needs to look at.

  • Open the X-Bo android and remove battery.
  • Loose or disassemble the phone with screw-driver.
  • Detach the LCD and touch from the board.
  • Carefully unscrew that panel out from the phone.
  • Check flex attached to mouthpiece and speaker.
  • Carefully remove the paper back or de-solder the flex connecting the down panel with the up panel.
  • Look for a working screen a fix to X-Bo V6 or V8.
  • Alas the phone with start working again.
  • Your problem is solved.

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