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Samsung Galaxy S7 edge No service or No network solution

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge No service or network not  registered solution

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge No service fixed

Have you faced this ugly situation after flashing Samsung Galaxy S7 and this is service bar but can't browse, make calls or check balance.

May be you Samsung Galaxy S7 just developed this frustrating situation. Well is just bad but this need to be fixed. We are in the field so we always get the solution practical before posting.

We found out the flashing Samsung S7 with one file (AP) file is a big issue as far as Samsung Galaxy S7 is concerned. So check completely before going on to download file.

Did somebody sold this phone to you with this problem. Don't panic the solution is here.

Solution to Samsung Galaxy S7 no service or no registered Network.

  • Check the imei by dialling *#06# if is invalid then you have to repair imei or DRK.
  • Check the baseband if the it shows unknown then you have to flash the phone with baseband firmware.
  • After flashing with the ROM cross check if the IMEI on the body correspond with the one inside the phone.
  • Reflash the phone with official firmware.
  • Take a look at the Samsung S7 model below if you flash G935F ROM on G935FD device the phone will work but no service after flashing. Check other models below





























                                                                                                                  Ensure that you flash the phone with 4 files. You can download the 4-files from here

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