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How to choose a unique blog name

Blog is most competitive and also lucrative genuine online business. But to own a blog is easier said than done.

Your blog can be 10 years without being noticed. Your blog can be a week old and goes viral. It all depends on your niche and how original your contents and articles are.
Designing everyday blog like blog news is just like recycling and rotating ways of doing the same thing.

Despite this, you can still excel in competitive clouded blog market with GnG system Garbage in garbage out.

You just learn how to create a blog what remains is a name for your blog. This is most important because people like sweet-and-easy to remember name and still available. So why choosing a name for your blog will have to be careful to make it brief and sound.

Although you still have chance of getting another name when you buy domain but for now make your blogspot name sweet. If your name is popular and famous then you can use your name. Like linda ikeji is a real name that came from her gmail account.

Since you have decided on the name to choose then follow the steps below 

How to choose a unique name for your blog

Step 1 enter the name on the Display Name

How to choose blog name

Step 2 Click continue

blog name not available

If you look at the blog name I choose, it was not available so lets move to next step.

Step 3 try another blog name and see if you will be lucky this time.

This blog name is available

This blog name is available, but remember you can change the name anytime or when you buy a domain name.

What is GnG (garbage in garbage out) in computer system technology?  It means that what you key in to CPU(Central Processing Unit) for computer to process is what you get as an output from output device.

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If you tell people where you are they can easily find you. In other word if you advertise or have a unique blog it can go viral within a short time.

For instance started recording about 5,000 traffic within 6 months.

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