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Alcatel A2 XL hard reset, pattern removal and frp bypass

Alcatel A2 XL hard reset

How to reset Google account on Alcatel A2 XL or frp bypass

Step 1
Charge the Alcatel A2 XL to around 100%.
Get another android smart phone which you can use as Hotspot.
Ensure that the android for Hotspot is connected to internet.
Power on the Alcatel android phone and click on setup.
Then press emmergency

Alcatel A2 XL hard reset

Step 2
From emergency then as you enter emergency dialing pad. Don't dial any number instead you press Home button on emergency tap

Alcatel A2 XL hard reset

Step 3
Make sure that the Alcatel A2 XL is connected to the internet through the wifi. Or you insert simcard that has data loaded in it.
From the emergency dialer screen enter the google search engine.

Alcatel A2 XL hard reset

Step 4

Since you are connected to internet then download TEST DPC apk. Install the application.

Alcatel A2 XL hard reset

After installation of TEST DPC application on the Alcatel android. Restarts your android phone. Turn off the Wifi wireless network or turn off the data. Then follow the screen instructions and setup your Acaltel android phone.

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