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Itel android Hard Reset without flashing or volume button

Itel android hard reset

Many a times will get one android type or the other but knowing how to maintain it is important. Android smart phone can with software that anybody can reset it to factory default. There are many ways to perform android hard reset but the best way is to perform it without flashing or lost of data.

How to hard reset itel (itel 1500) android without flashing

  1. A good working common sense very important.
  2. Download spd android driver.
  3. Download the suci driver for the android smart phone.
  4. Download and install adb or fastboot command drivers.
  5. Get your Volcano Box ready.
  6. Connect the itel android smart phone with cable to computer without powering on.
  7. When spd drivers pop up, install them all.
  8. Then remove the itel spd smart phone.
  9. Power off the itel phone and remove the battery for some seconds.

How to turn itel 1500 android to fastboot mode.

Itel android hard reset

  • Open the Volcano Box interface and select android option. 
  • Then select ADB Mode.
  • According to the picture above select bootloader.
  • Then power the itel android immediately and connect your USB cable.
  • Click the Volcano android interface start button.
  • If this method doesn't work start it again.
  • Then when this works then jump to the next step.

How to hard reset itel  eg 1500  android in fastboot Mode.

                                                                         Itel 1500 hard reset

  1. If you succeed in putting the itel in fastboot.
  2. Donot allow the phone to switch off otherwise you start fresh.
  3. Reconnect the USB and ready to go.
  4. Open Volcano android 2.2 interface and according to the picture above.
  5. Select fastboot from the interface and choose "Wipe Data"
  6. Then finally click start  and allow the itel 1500 or any other itel to reboot.
  7. Power your itel android and allow it to boot complete.
  8. Setup your android phone.

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