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How to flash and download itel 1408 ROM or flash file

Download itel 1408 Stock ROM or firmware

itel it1408 rom  or pac file

itel 1408 specifications

Model                 IT1408
Android version 5.1; eng.admino.20160524.151415; SDK22
CPU           4 cores; ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l) sc8830; Max: 1300,0 MHz; Min: 768,0 MHz
Display            800 x 480; DPI: 240; Evaluated Size: 3,9"
Touch screen Multitouch 2 points
GPU         Mali-400 MP; ARM; OpenGL ES-CM 1.1; OpenGL ES 2.0
RAM         512 MB
Flash         8 GB (7.047 GB actual); 0.391 GB (see memory map tab)
Phone         None
WiFi                 sprdwl
USB Host No
Bluetooth          Yes
GPS         Yes

We recommend you backup your itel or SPD android phone with Miracle box in .bin format before flashing.
Ensure you read all the instructions careful before you start flashing your SPD android phone. zamdtek is not responsible for any bricked/dead spd android phone.
Look at the SPD android you have, compare it with the picture of the ROM/firmware you  are about to download.
You must download the exact ROM or file or .bin of your SPD android phone, before you load the file for flashing operation.
Flashing a wrong ROM or file or .bin file will not only kill your SPD android phone but will make it not to be detected by any computer.

itel 1408 Stock ROM or Flash file


If you encounter 
spd sc7715 flashing failed incomplete partition learn how to fix it here

What you need to flash itel SPD android phones

You need a working laptop or good PC that has no virus.
Download and install SPD Drivers on your PC.
Download and install Research Download or Upgrade download on your PC. We recommend Research Download for smaller itel android phones.
Download and install Miracle Box.
Download and save the SPD android flash file or ROM.

Learn How to flash SPD with Research Download or Upgrade download here

Learn how to use Miracle Box and flash SPD android phone


  1. Get a working the same type of SPD android phone.

2.            Connect your Miracle box to the computer.

3.            Get a working USB cable and working brain.

4.            Open the Miracle box interface.

5.            Select Read file.

6.            Hold Up of the android phone.

7.            Connect the phone to USB and allow it to read the flash file.

8.            Save the file to a location where you can remember.

9.            Bring the bricked SPD phone do step 6.

10.         Connect the phone to USB and select write file.

Allow the phone to write the file finish.

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