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6 steps to configure or setup new Android device

How to configure android phones

You just got a new android device or reset your old android device. The next thing you do is to configure or setup the android. You don't know what to do. Well you need some steps to take to avoid mistake. You might know some but this will help you further.

1. Log in to your Google Account

Before you use your android you suppose create or sign in your google account. Although you can skip this steps but mind you one day you will come back to it. Your android device must be connected to internet or your simcard must be internet ready.

By signing in to your Google Account your data will be automatically transferred from your old Android devices.

2. Set up screen lock

You're already logged into your Google account but this is not enough because you still need to add you security type. Here, you can use pattern, pin or swipe. But pin is preferable. Ensure that you don't use easy or common PIN.
You can also use your face recognition. Whatever means that you like most.

3. Install the Google applications

If you device didn't come with other google applications listed below is time to install them. In one way or the other you will find them interesting.
Google Halo (chat message)
Chrome (browser)
Maps (maps and GPS)
Drive (documents)
Hangouts (chat and messages)
Youtube should be there too. Unless the device came with it.

4. Activate phone tracking

When we discused on how you can find your lost android phone. We showed you how to activate android tracker. So this is important and should not be overlooked. This is an official Google tool which allows you to find your phone in case of theft or simply misplacing it.
In case of theft or loss of your android phone or tablet you can begin to alert an alarm or remotely delete all data.

5. Install alternative Google play stores

Google Play is popular but it may not give you all you want on web. Just like apple jailbreak we have other android application that can give you what google play store will not. So if your mind is just Google play think again because apart from google play store we have the followings:-
Softonic Moba,
Amazon Appstore,
When you are using these applications watch out for virus.

6. Control your device

Controlling your device is one of the priority. But the most important here is antivirus. As we surf net everytime so also we surf and pick virus. So activating antivirus and these other security applications will help your device.
Onavo allows you to control the transfer of the Internet data.
3G Watchdog even more detailed than Onavo also available as a widget
AutoKiller automatically closes inactive applications for saving CPU and battery
Juice Defender helps saving energy.

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