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Nokia 225 * 0 # keypads solution

Nokia 225 keypad solution

What you need to fix Nokia 225 * 0 # keypads not working 

A good working common sense very important.

A complete set of phone screw drivers.

Working digital or analogue meter.

A rework station in case you want replace an ic.

A sharp blade to scratch the point you want to solder.

A good working soldering iron and soldering paste.

Connecting wires or use old handsfree wires.

A little technical skill.

This solutions may help you

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How to fix How to Nokia 225 * 0 # keypads

Loose or disassemble the How to remove Nokia earpiece mode.

Carefully remove the Nokia 225 back cover.

Use cleaning fluid to clean the Nokia 225 * 0 # keypads solution.

Scrap the points according to the picture.

Use your connecting wire to short or join the points together.

Ensure that your soldering iron is hot and has a good tip.

Test the continuity with meter of the point you just join together.

Test the Nokia 225 * 0 # keypads problem phone before you tight or assemble the phone back.

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