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Nokia 206 fake or self charging solution

Nokia 206 fake or self charging solution

When it comes for Nokia phones the durability is not in doubt. But having Nokia phone is one thing and keeping it for a long time is another. This particular Nokia 206 is always a troublesome phone when it comes to flashing and other maintenance.

Here we have Nokia 206 that continuously charging even when you remove it from charger just like E63 not chrging. Or you may charge it for hours and the same level of voltage. This is the simple way to fix it.

Check the picture below and follow the instructions

Nokia 206 fake or self charging

Here we go

  1. Loose your Nokia 206.

  2. Clean the panel with any means.

  3. Use Rework station and heat the panel gently.

  4. Check again if the phone is working.

  5. If the Nokia 206 is still not retaining voltage or self charging

  6. Then look at the picture above

  7. First change the left ic

  8. Check again the charging

  9. Change the right ic

  10. Check the charging again

  11. if Nokia 206 is still not working then make the jumper between the two ic(s).

By now if you get everything right with your good brain, working soldering iron, connecting wire, sharp blade, paste and lead then your phone is back to life.

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