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iPhone 6 , 6S 6S plus Hard reset trick

iPhone 6, 6 plus Hard reset trick

As you know when it comes to apple product like: iPad, iPod, iPhone, Mac etc. The level of security is so high that it takes FBI, Court and a hacker to crack on particular iPhone belonging to a suspect.

We here we always go deep to dig out what others may think impossible or difficult. If you mistakenly forget your iPhone 6 passcode then your are face with the option of flashing with itunes. This will not end there because you must provide your icloud account before you can activate the network.

iPhone 6 iOS is about 2.6GB in size which may be expensive for some people. So because of this we tried a trick on how to reset iPhone 6 plus with passcode.

iPhone 6S passcode reset without pc

How to reset iPhone 6s plus passcode

  1. Charge the battery of iPhone 6 plus up to 80%.

  2. Enter any code, it will say try again.

  3. Enter it again and the timer will start counting. 

  4. Wait for the first, second and third time counting.

iPhone 6 , 6S  6S plus Hard reset trick

When the time says try again in 1 hour.

Press the letter below it followed by Home button.

Leave the iPhones for some secs and restarts. 

Alas You will see this image below asking for iPhone initial setup.

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