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How to flash LG F240l and E980

What happened to your LG F240l or E980 and it got bricked or stuck on LG Logo. 

Don't worry just follow these easy steps and fix your android LG phone again.

Before you proceed try hard reset first. If rest didn't fix the problem then do the following.

                               LG F240l or E980 flashing

Download these for LG F240l or E980

1. LGFlashTools v1.5.
2. DLL file for LGE980
3. Drivers
4. The stock image file

Install these files for LG F240l or E980

1. Install the LG drivers downloaded above.
2. Install LGFlashTools v1.5 (but don't run it)
3. Extract the DLL and the TOT files from above and put them in a nice tidy directory.

Setup up LG F240l or E980 for flashing

1. Put the phone into download mode. (Turn off device, keep pressing volume down while plugging in the micro usb cable. If this doesn't work, try holding both volume keys instead)
2. Let the phone initialize and install the drivers. Once done, in Device manager, you should see the LG phone listed under COM ports (something along these lines).
3. Find that LG entry in Device Manager, click on Properties, Advanced and then change the COM port to COM178 or the port in your computer and close/save.
4. Unplug your phone! Important step.


To get this tool to work, you'll need to do a few tricks.
1. Set the computer's date to some time in July 2012 or before.
2. Disconnect the internet
3. Find a serial number or register key from somewhere on the web (a google search for lgflashtools serial will yield some results).
4. Execute the LGFlashTools. It should ask you for a key, put it in. Now you should see a dialog where you can load the DLL file and the TOT files that you extracted earlier. Put them both in here. Click ok
5. There is a yellow arrow on the top left. Click on it to initialize the process. Once done, it should say "ready/finished" or whatever.
6. Put the phone in download mode again, and plug it into the USB port. LG FLash Tools should start flashing it automatically.

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