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How to bypass Huawei android 5.0 and above frp or google account

How to bypass, remove or reset Huawei  android 5.0 & above frp or google account.

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Without taken much of your time, let’s go to the solution proper. Believing that everybody is aware of what FRP means. Most of androids come with different security patch like 2015 security patch, samsung 2016 security patch and 2017 security patch.

For android lower version like 4.4 and below, you can easily remove the frp(google account) with hard reset or box like Miracle box o volcano box. But for 5.0 and above version frp is not easy to bypass.

Huawei LUA-L01 frp bypass.

  1. Connect the phone to WIFI network.

  2. Wait for the phone to show enter Google account.

  3. Press the place where to enter google account.

  4. Press spacebar button and select more language.

How to bypass Huawei android 5.0 frp

Select download more languages.

Press and hold Swipe images as show in picture below

How to bypass Huawei android 5.0 frp

At right top corner, select search button.

This will take you to google search.

Then you can download this file Android Google 5.1 and quickshortmaker here

Still on google search type “filemanager”

Locate the downloaded file and install the two files.

Open quickshortmaker type google ma in search

Select Google account manager manager and choose this

How to bypass Huawei android 5.0 frp

How to bypass Huawei android 5.0 frp

Sign in with your existing google account or create new one.

Restart your Huawei LUA-L01 android 5.1 version and you will notice that the google sign in has disappeared.

How to bypass Huawei android 5.0 frp

You are free to ask questions.

Check Huawei hard android reset here

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