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Blackberry Passport hanging or freeze solution

How to fix Blackberry Passport hanging or freeze and not responding.

Blackberry passport hanging solution

As day pass-by so is many phones keep developing one fault or the other. But we keep on trying to keep with this pace of different phone problems. 

Smart phone no matter how expensive can develop any problem any time. Don't say oh this is a cheap phone that is why this is happening. No even expensive smart phone can. Just be more care fore the way you handle your phone.

What to do when you phone drops in water. Don't forget on how you can keep you Blackberry 10 series (BB10) whatsapp working here.

How to fix Blackberry Passport hanging or freeze.

  1. Trying sliding image on screen.

  2. Plug in your charger into the phone.

  3. Check whether is water damaged.

  4. After trying all these, and the phone is still hanging, then use this trick press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

  5. Once the red light blinks twice and the Blackberry passport reboot. Then your phone is back to life. Otherwise your touch screen is bad. 

This solution has been tested and working 100% unless your Blackberry passport is water damaged or has touch issues.

We need your feedback if this solution solved your problem. We are happy to help you in a little way we can.

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