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Toshiba A100 series bios password removal

Toshiba A100 series bios password removal

Toshiba bios password removal


This is for educational purposes and should not be used otherwise! This work must be done by expert. This is because loosing a Notebook or Laptop PC s not an easy task. The laptop can be damaged forever and on no account should amateur technician should loose a laptop. is not responsible for any damaged caused by you.

Let's go down to business.

Step 1

Remove the battery, Harddisk drive and RAM

  •            Loose your Toshiba A100 series.

  •            Care should be taking why loosing the laptop to avoid damage.

  •            Keep the parts and nuts safe

bios password removal

Step 2

Locate the wifi card as show in diagram above.

  •       Put back RAM

  •      Donot put the battery

  •       Donot put harddisk

  •       Plug the adapter back

Step 3

Find a picker or connecting wire and short-circuit the two points named C88.

  • Hold the power button for about 5 minutes.

  • Continue hold the wire/picker as you power the Toshiba A100 series.

  • Leave the power button and on the laptop normally.

  • Once it shows black background with white letters without enter password is done

bios password removal

Alas!  You are done.

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