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MBO R7i Android Hard Reset

MBO R7i Hard Reset and hanging solution

MBO R7i Hard Reset

 MBO R7i Hard Reset and hanging solution

Here, we are introducing to you MBO R7i hard Reset. But before we go on we have to know the type of chip that is microcontroller that this smart phone is made of. This phone is an SPD chip so is obvious that we cannot not hard reset it like MTK wahich can easily be done using fastboot mode.

Most android phone behave the same way be it MTK or SPD. The peculiar thing about this MBO R7i is that when is having Low memory problem it will  neither receive call nor operate with the touch screen

When you call the number inside the MBO R7i it will respond number busy. When you operate the launcher it can move around but you can't access menu.

Solution to MBO R7i hanging and hard reset

  1. Insert simcard inside the smart phone.

  2. Boot the smart phone MBO R7i.

  3. Wait for the network to appear.

  4. Call the number because of Low Memory it will ring number busy.

  5. Send an sms to the simcard inside the phone.

  6. When you recieve the message, open the message.

  7. Press the return button twice that will take you to menu.

  8. From Menu >>Settings>>Privacy>>Reset Phone.

  9. Choose reset phone and wait for awhile for the MBO R7i to reboot.

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You are done! Do fresh setup and your MBO R7i is back to life again. Always remember to ask any question here.

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