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How to turn android phone to computer

Do you  have a tablet android idle at home, why not turn it to pc!

turn your android to pc

Somebody ask me one day how do I connect my android phone to computer without USB? The answer is that you not connect your android phone to computer but you can also use it as computer itself.

You may be surprised that android smartphone is more complicated gadget than computer. If so why can’t we use it as computer and still answer our calls. If you have a good android smartphone, then you are holding pc as well.

Let’s check what android phone and computer share together

  • Processor

  • RAM

  • Internal storage (phone) = hard disk (PC)

  • Keypad in phone = keyboard in pC

  • LCD/Screen in phone = Monitor in PC

  • Cpu in phone = cpu in PC etc.
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What you need to make android PC

  1. Good Hardware

  2. Good Software

  3. Compatible accessories

  4. OTP compatibility

How to setup android PC

If you android is either compatible with OTP or has HDMI port you are good to go.

The two ways android can be connected as PC


Connect your android phone through a docking system. This docking device is where keyboard and mouse are connect while monitor is been connect through HDMI

Visual connectivity

Chromecast is a good device you can use and connect through wireless. What you need to do is connect chromecast to monitor and install chromecast android app on android. Chromecast is an added advatange.


Another way is the use of MHL but this is mainly used by Samsung androids.

Docking station

Most of the android don’t come with MHL compatibility. So using docking station is the best way to connect your flash drive, mouse, keyboard etc

Docking Station

The disadvantage of devices using docking station is that you can’t charge your device while on docking station. But those with MHL can. Because of this setback is advisable you use bluetooth wireless mouse and keyboard.


Since we have all the hardware in place is time to complete our action with software to make android PC. Below are some of the software we can use to actualizes our dream
  1. Sentio Desktop (Andriodmium)

This mini-OS android app can be found in android play store. Sentio android app can be used both in rooted or unrooted device.  Just download, install and use.

  1. Microsoft office android app

  2. Google drive android app

  3. Adobe photoshop android app

  4. Skype android app

  5. Netflix music android app

With all these by now your android or tablet smartphone is serving as phone and computer at the same time.

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