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Tecno Q1 and Tecno D1 Volume jumper

Tecno Q1 and Tecno D1 Volume jumper

How to repair Tecno Q1 or Tecno D1 volume button

If you familiar with Tecno smartphone you will noticee something about Tecno Q1 and Tecno D1. Though the ROM of the two phones are different but not much. The lcd, touch, keypad, physical appearance, battery are almost the same. So here when we discuss Tecno D1 or Tecno Q1 is same thing.

Just as we explain above about the similarity about them, let enter business proper. In this post we want to fix Tecno D1 or Q1 volume problem. In one of our post, we show you how to fix MTK androids smartphones without charging port .

Here, we are taking you further to show you the best way to fix Tecno Q1 volume.

Tecno Q1 and Tecno D1 Volume jumper

Tecno D1 volume solution

Looking at the above picture is show a 5-pin collection on the volume circuit but we need 4-pin points. So what do we do. We have to bring a board mostly scrab.  We read the points and follow the direction.

From the 5 points it may sound funny but truth that point 1 and points 5 are for up volume while point 2 and point 3 are for down volume.

Having know the connections, just grab your working tools and make the connections.

Don't forget to get

a) Soldering iron

b) Connecting wire

c) Soldering Paste

d) Good blade

e) And a good working sense very important.

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Having shown you the steps why not go ahead and ask your questions.

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