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How to reset FRP lOCK Samsung A510fd Or A510?

How to reset FRP lOCK or Google account on  Samsung & other androids 2016 Phones.

This is the best process to reset Samsung A5 and androids 5.1 above  with google account. It has been a little bit difficult the reset any android especially Samsung without 1 December 2015 security patch. The phone must be downgraded before other processes.

Download Samsung A5 bypass verify account 
Samsung A510 frp bypass

Samsung FRP reset Steps

The process involves two methods:

Method 1

  • First Download the Samsung A510f Or A510fd firmware, you can use both for each of them.

  • After downloading  firmware extract to get this .md5 file.

  • Delete (.md5)  from the extension to get archive file.

  • Extract the archive file  to a folder and delete these two (sboot and cm.bin) files.

  • Repackage the remaining files with zip file manager.

  • Add .md5 after .tar in the zipped file.

  • Flash this file with Z3X or Odin v3.10

  • This will enable you use SideSync to get inside phone's setting and enable oem unlock.

  • You must reflash the phone with latest version to repair imei.


Download  already modified file here

Samsung a510fd modified file

Method 2

  1. Format the phone.

  2. Set the phone and computer WIFI on.

  3. Install sidesycnc in copmuter

  4. Open sidesync on computer & connect usb to the phone as it shows google id.

  5. Some app will popup on Samsung screen/lcd then,

  6. Select Chrome and install chrome.

  7. Download this file zamdtekfrp.apk or this and save on system.

  8. Press Back and choose Galaxy apps from Chrome.

  9. Select agree in the galaxy apps

  10. Select search in galaxy app bar

  11. Type es file explorer.

  12. Choose the file from the option and install.

  13. Create a new samsung account not google account.

  14. Install the es file explorer.

  15. Connect to the computer and explore the Samsung A5 phone memory.

  16. Paste this file zamdtekfrp.apk in download folder.

  17. Use the es file explorer to install the app.

  18. This will give you access to the Samsung A5 setting make sure you enabe OEM unlock and usb debugging.

Just select factory reset and wait for the Samsung A5 to reboot. The google account is gone.

Please this is for professional phone technicians. This proxess may brick your android zamdtek is not responsible for any damage done to your Samsung Galaxy A510FD  or A519F.

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