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How to remove google account from MTK android

Welcome here today. Let me show you the best method to remove the google account known as gmail account in all MTK androids. As you aware about December 1st 2015 security patch in androids. So any android running 5.0 and above can't be activate without entering gmail account after reset. So you have to reset frp.

How to remove google account from MTK android

Steps to remove mtk 5.1 android security path ie google account.

  1. Read info with Miracle box

Welcome to use Miracle Box

(World's First Fuzzy Logic Based Tool)


Detection current driver version is low, you need to install the new drive.

Drivers directory(..\BOX_Data\Drivers\Box Driver\xxx(1.8.0))

Firmware Version:1.16

Connected OK.

Fuzzy Logic Method is very safe and reliable !

License Expire Date: 2017-03-25

Check Authentication...

You use Latest Miracle Software


Miracle Box Version 2.40

Release: 11th November 2016


Buy 1 year Support Activation

Unlock the Gate Powers

Br. [SV] Miracle Team




Definition Applied

  1. Power Off Phone , Remove Battery, Insert Battery Back

  2. Insert USB cable. In some cases Required Hold BootKey

  3. Use Miracle Boot Key In cases Boot key not Find

  4. Battery Should be Charged more then 50%

Waiting for USB Port...

Waiting for USB Port...

Set PreLoader USB VCOM Port (COM10)

  Please Hold "ON" to connect with the phone...

  Connected to Phone.

CPU: MT6580 SW:0000 Ver: CA00

  Downloading Boot8 ...

EMMC Size: 0x01D3000000

Flash Type: EMMC

INT/EXT RAM  Size: 0x20000/0x40000000

Reset Setting...
Done.(Need to wait a few minutes the phone is switched)

  • Backup the bin flash file in case anything goes wrong.

  • Save the flash file or scatter file where you can remember.

  • Choose reset frp/lock.

  • Allow the process to finish.

  • Then you have to wait for about an hour for the smart android MTK phone to boot.

  • Activate your mtk android phone.

Well we didn't check other flashing boxes but for safety purposes stick to Miracle box.

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