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iPad,iPhone disabled connect to itune solution

Pad iPhone disabled connect to iTune solution

Lets see how it is easy to fix or go about "iPhone or iPod is disabled connect to iTune". This particular issue is been caused when someone mistakenly or intentionally entered incorrect passcode for 10 times in any apple device like iPhone, iPod or ipad. The the phone will lock itself but though this feature can only be activated during security setup.

How to fix iPhone disabled

Go to iTunes and download latest.

Open downloaded iTunes and install it.

Open the software after installation and allow it to install drivers.

Check the apple device model number at the back of the device according to picture below.

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iPhone disabled connect to itune

With the model number noted go to iOs ipsw download to download the particular device iOS latest or older version depends on your choice. Then save the file to a folder where you can remember. Before we continue we need to put the apple(iPhone, iPad) device in DFU Mode.

How to put iPhone to DFU Mode

Plug your device into your computer with the matchable device USB cable.

Turn off the device.

Hold the Power button for 3 seconds.

Hold the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds.

Release the Power button but keep holding the Home button

iPhone in dfu or flashing mode

Update apple device with iTunes 

Open iTunes

Open itune

The iPhone will be detected automatically

Looking the above picture carefully before you click ok button, then press and hold computer 'Shift key' this will popup a folder.

Then locate your downloaded iOS and select.

iPhone connected to iTune

With your mind relaxed take a tea cup and wait.

Watch the below picture as it install the Iphone or iPad iOS.

iPhone connected

If the process failed you repeat it. when you are done then the iPhone will reboot and you will follow the on-screen instructions to setup the phone.

Ensure you have the necessary answers to all the questions.

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