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How to repair Tecno P5 touch screen

Let me show you how to fix tecno p5 touch screen

The advancement of smartphones has taken over with little knowledge on how to tackle some common problems. Tecno android phone is one of the most common androids in Nigerian. We have many phones and few experts. Many at times a little proble can damage or even condemn you Tecno android P5 entirely.

One of the advantages you get from visiting is giving you the best information on smartphones and computers. The little mistake of a technician may kill a smarthphone no matter hoe expensive the phone is. As a technician handling smart phones doen't need ant distraction.

Have you change many touch of Tecno P5 without responding

Here is the final solution.

Just take a look at the picture below


Remove or change sensor.

This sound common but that is the solution.

This particular work should be handled with somebody that has a knowledge on how to use a Rework Station. You need this device to pull the calling/screen sensor and use soldering iron to straight and tighten the legs of the sensor. You can remove it entirely.

We expect you to ask us question on any solution that is not clear to you before you carry out the work. We always answer any question any moment. Just use our comments section to ask. Please Zamdtek is not responsible for any damages that may happened due to using this guide to your phone. If any problem happened that related to flashing instructions, Zamdtek will help you to solve it. This is for educational purposes.

Zamdtek is not associated with any wireless organizations like Tecno, Nokia, Lg,  Lenovo  and some other and so forth Makers/Merchants .All trademarks are the property of the particular trademark owners. Zamdtek simply give outlines to ponder and repairing reason.


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