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How to repair Nokia x1-01 keypad

All of a sudden you picked you Nokia X1-01 and discovered that is only red button that is reponding. You have try pressing other keys and none seem to work. Don't panic we are here to help you get it fixed. I always strongly advise people agaimst dropping phone in water or other liquids.

Let me show you how to fix nokia x1-01 keypad or button problem without changing any keypad ic. In this case a good sense of technical know how can do it is not must that you must be a phone technician. Just get a good working brain lets go.

How to repair Nokia x1-01 keypad jumper

  1. Loose your phone.

  2. Check keypad for water damage.

  3. Make sure the keypad is clean of dirt.

Power the phone and check the keypad. Still not working then is time for action. Before you go to the next step is advisable you use a cleaner solution like methanol to clean the panel. Not only that remove the internal keypad and check if any is corroded otherwise you clean with sharp blade.

4. On your Rework Station

5. Or use a good soldering iron

6. Remove the music player keypad

How to repair Nokia x1-01 keypad jumper
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If after removing the keypad and still not working. Then try and locate the music player key glass ic. Carefully remove the glass ic too by now your Nokia X1-01 keypads will be responding. Removing keypad glass ic is not same as just removing the keypad.  If don't be careful then ypu may remove other components with the keypad glass ic.


Remeber this is a hardware solution and don't guaratte any harm you cause during this pratice. Always fellow the steps and stated here and ask question by comments. We always ready to assist you anytime anyday. We will not be held responsible to whatever damage done your phone.

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