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How to remove blackberry 10 series magnify menus

How to deactivate BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Q5 and Z3 series magnified images and apps

Blackberry magnify icons

Did you by mistake touch your BB and all you see is everything big and big and bigger.

Just calm down and relax as we show the you steps on how to get it back normal again.

Step 1

Use your two fingers make sure they are clean

Your common brain

Separate your two fingers across the screen and gently and romantically starts adjust your fingers. Continue until you notice the screen images reducing as you keep on adjusting your fingers. Since your brain is working this must also work.

Step 2

Go to Settings


Step 3

From Settings you tab  accessibility


Step 4

From accessibility to magnify setting and turn it off

After that you have to close the setting but bear it in mind that yor two finger tricks won't work again, So for those with little eyes problem is better to leave it the way it is. You will always remeber that if you want to control it is simple in this way:

Open your two fingers and place it on the scree or lcd top

Bring the two fingers together then the image will reduce,

When you widen the fingers the image will also respond.

So this is the best way to turn off BlackBerry 10 series magnification mode. Either you keep it and control it or you turn it entirely.

If you feel that we help you don't forget to say thanks and ask if you don't understand to avoid entering more problem. A wrong button press in phone can cost you some money.


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