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How to fix nokia 1280 and 103 2 5 8 0 keypads/button solution

1280 and 103  2 5 8 0 keypads/button solution

It is worthy to note that most of the problem phones have is easy to fix, like but first check the phone for water damage, check the keypads  for rust and heat the phone gently if nokia 1280, 103 keypads 2 5 8 0 not working then,

Nokia 1280 and Noia 103 keypad

Steps to repair Nokia 1280 and Nokia 103 keypad

  • Grab your soldering iron

  • connecting wire

  • a sharp razor blade

  • common sense

  • just make this jumper

If you follow the instructions above as indicated by the image. Then the solution for your Nokia Nokia 1280 or Nokia 103 keypad 2 5 8 & 0 not working will disappear. We are committed to give you the best.

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